Do you really know Overwatch’s Tracer?

Tracer has the unique ability to zip and blink through the battlefield, bypassing the front line and into the back line. She is the perfect skirmishing hero. However she is fragile but hard to hit, while she harasses the back line and if she ever gets into trouble she can warp back in time, regaining her health. Here is some facts about one of your favourite Overwatch heroes.


1. Tracers real name is Lena Oxton

Tracer is her call sign for when she is on a mission with the Overwatch organisation.


2. Tracer is the only British hero in Overwatch (Currently)

London is Tracer’s home and base when she isn’t out on her adventures around the world.


3. Tracer once had a pose like this…

Image result for tracer removed pose

However due to a complaint by a fan of Overwacth, for being too “Sexual”, it was changed to this…

Image result for tracer removed pose

Not much different in my opinion!

4. Tracer has a statue inside the Blizzard HQ

Image result for blizzard HQ tracer statue


5. Tracer is a Lesbian. She is the only confirmed LGBT character.

Lena shares an apartment with her girlfriend, known as Emily, in London. It was first revealed in the “Tracer Reflections” comic on 20th of December 2016.

Image result for tracer and emily

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